The Working Barbarian

A Tale of Blood, Fire and Steel

To the Victor the Spoils

A week has passed since the saga of the working barbarian began. The decision has been made and the die cast. The fickle and capricious deities that watch over the realms of man have decreed it thus. That is all to say that voting has closed and our hero has been decided upon. The hero of this tale shall be Jala daughter of Quyren. She won in a landslide, relegating Gabhan son of Noc to the desolate wastes of obscurity. Whether we see or hear any of his deeds remains to be seen. But I suspect he’ll probably crop up somewhere. It’s hard to keep an enterprising barbarian down.

1 - The Beginning

With our hero chosen the team is springing into action to chronicle the next part of the tale, where we will encounter our hero, the titular “Working Barbarian,” for the first time. Baring an assault by a roving band of orcs or the casual arson of an itinerant dragon this part of the saga will be posted on the 22nd of April. Until then, keep your axes sharp and your wits sharper. You never know what’s out there, lurking in the dark…

Jala daughter of Quyren

Jala daughter of Quyren


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