The Working Barbarian

A Tale of Blood, Fire and Steel

Go West

Voting has closed and the results are in. It was a bit of a close run thing over the first couple of days, both choices were neck and neck. But over the last half of the week the votes poured in and everything changed. The masses have spoken and steered Jala to the west. Whether she is heading west because the grass is green, the air is clean or any of the other reasons given by the Pet Shop Boys is a question likely to remain unanswered.

2 - The Leave Taking

Part 3 of The Working Barbarian will be posted an internet near you or delivered to your castle on Monday the 6th of May. One week from today. The exact fate of Jala in this segment remains a mystery to me, as the next part of our saga will be transcribed by the Warlock James of Clayton. He will be bringing the full force of his dark and eldritch energies to bear in order to sculpt some good and proper writing out of the raw aether of creation. Well, I’d like to think that. Chances are he’ll probably use a keyboard or something.


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2 thoughts on “Go West

  1. I don’t know why I liked this, with hindsight – I voted East towards the woods, so clearly this result illustrates the fact that the public is wrong.

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