The Working Barbarian

A Tale of Blood, Fire and Steel

You All Right Mate?

Voting for Part 3 of The Working Barbarian has come to an end. The casting of your ballots has been monitored and counted by a secretive order of monks from strange and unearthly monasteries hidden in secret valleys in the Snaketooth Mountains. They’ve been swinging their little censers, fasting, praying and singing with a haunting choral melody that seems to make contemporary popular music seem a lot more spiritual than it did originally. They then transcribed the results with painstaking care onto sheets of vellum. Their words writ in geometrically perfect Gothic script accompanied by illuminations so heart-wrenchingly beautiful that I burnt them after seeing them. For they were too beautiful for this world and made all else pale and drab by comparison. Regardless of how it was achieved the results are now very much in:

3 - Something Rotten

So the whims of fate have decided that Jala will investigate the poor soul by the gate. For good or for ill the decision has been made and there’s no going back. You can’t change your mind now. You should have thought about that last week when you had a chance.

Part 4 will appear out of the nebulous and mystical mists of the far north on May 20th. The icy words of the saga’s next instalment will be conjured from coiling vapours of night and spun into consensual reality by the might of Ali Geroge. Words don’t like to mess with Ali, they know she means business. Serious business.


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