The Working Barbarian

A Tale of Blood, Fire and Steel

The Waiting Game

Another session of voting has come to a close. Part 4 has seen the introduction of two new characters. One of which is a stoat, which is basically a ferret but more badass. Eerily the vote split is identical to the results for part 3. This is an omen of some sorts, of that I am sure. I have already set our best soothsayers to plumbing the mysterious depths of this turn of events. Now the Working Barbarian offices are covered in chicken entrails and I’m beginning to think I’ve made a terrible mistakes. It’s almost impossible to find a domestically responsible soothsayer in this day and age. But I digress.

4 - Within the Walls

By your auspices, Jala has decided to play the waiting game and see what arcane insights can be gleaned from the runes of Freya’s great-great-grandfather.What dread portents will they reveal? What advice will they offer? Where will they send  our hero next? You’ll have to visit again on June 3rd to find out.

Our next instalment will come from Sam Kurd adventurer extraordinaire. He will use his unique set of skills to plunder the words of great power from the tombs of long dead kings. He will steal words of the finest craftsmanship from the treasure rooms of foul tyrants. He will wade deep into the darkest jungles to pluck the ripe fruits of the mythical Story-Tree. And from these he will weave a tapestry of magic that will cloak your mind with wonderment and awe. It will be glorious. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will make everything else in your life seem grey and empty by comparison. And if it doesn’t? Then you’ve probably been cursed and should seek the advice of your local witch-doctor, chirurgeon or alchymist at your early convenience. They’ve probably got a cream or unguent that’ll fix you right up. Or kill you stone dead. It’s a numbers game really.


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