The Working Barbarian

A Tale of Blood, Fire and Steel

If You Go Down to the Woods Today…

Once more the Gods of Old have rolled their dice and the fate of Jala has been made to dance to their whims. The riddle of the runes is behind her. Whether her choice was the correct one remains to be seen. The decrees of fate were less than unanimous. Only a single vote decided tipped the scales in a decisive direction and shifted us away from dead-lock. Clearly it was not an easy decision to make, and even with it made the future remains in flux; a roiling sea of possibilities; a frothy squall of potentia.

5 - The Riddle of the Runes

The 17th of June shall herald Jala’s departure into the woods in search of the fountain of which the diminutive creature spoke. What awaits Jala there? Who can really be sure? Only time will tell.

Our next instalment comes from the pen of Andrew Blair dread Warlord of the far and distant north. His horde of ravaging berserkers will sack the greatest and mightiest of cities, carrying off their most prized literary work and most prolific and skilled wordsmiths. They will be dragged by his band of terrible warriors beyond the mountains to the lost and forbidden word mines of the Old Empire. Here the wordsmiths will be clapped in irons, chained to writing desks and under the brutal ministrations of heartless overseers, be forced to create fiction to bring glory and power to the Clan of Blair. At least until Amnesty International here about it and start and aggressive leafleting campaign to bring him to justice.


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