The Working Barbarian

A Tale of Blood, Fire and Steel


When last we met, a brave warrior lay wounded and a young girl called Freya was thoroughly conflicted.  Should she attempt to help Jala using the resources available to her, though her medical training is limited and her resources consist of local fauna?  Or should she journey on underneath The Fountain of the Meek and hope to find help there?  Evidently the fates were equally uncertain what she ought to do, for when the poll closed yesterday the results were 50/50.


It wouldn’t be completely untrue to say that the team at Barbarian Towers had not rigorously considered this eventuality before starting the project, so there is no contingency plan for a situation like this.  How will Ali, penner of part seven, continue the tale so that Freya both abandons Jala in the woods and continues on into the dark and unknown?  We don’t know, and she doesn’t either.  Tune in on Monday July 1st to find out!


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