The Working Barbarian

A Tale of Blood, Fire and Steel

Rise and Shine…

With the arrival of today the burden of responsibility passes once again to me. Returned from my wanderings, the barbaric mantle of chiefdom once again drapes my wide, yet largely insubstantial shoulders. During my absence Ali, The Scourge of Words, acquitted herself with honour and has brought much glory to her house. Today we see her mighty works come to fruition. Today a decision has been made and the fates of Jala and Freya laid out before us.

Part 7 - What Freya Did Next

For good or for ill Freya has elected to stir the Star Witch from her icy slumber. Will the Star Witch turn out to be kind, helpful and true to her word? Or will she turn out to be properly evil? Who knows? Well, I suppose I do since I’m the one going to be writing part 8, but who says I’ve even made up my mind yet? I am fickle and capricious. I am a devious trickster god who delights in toying with your emotions and expectations.

Return to this place upon the noon of July 15th to see what happens when the Star Witch awakens! I’m reasonably certain it won’t involve lots of grumbling and a futile search for a cup of coffee.


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