The Working Barbarian

A Tale of Blood, Fire and Steel

To Dungeons Deep and Caverns Old

A flash of lightning splits the sky and tears cloud and air asunder. For when the Fates speak of judgement they do so in a many that could be considered by some as being overly grandiose. Perhaps even unnecessarily showy. But maybe that’s just how they get their kicks. That or they just know a guy who can get them meteorological pyrotechnics on the cheap. It’s probably six of one and half a dozen of t’other. But what is important is that the message has been delivered and the path of our heroes laid out before them. This is the narrative equivalent of sticking the post code into the satnav. Sure, you probably could change it, but you’ll have to start all over again, and navigate all those confusing menus. And nobody’s got time for that. It’s just too much faff, it’s easier to just stick with it now.

9 - Destinies in Sight

So our merry band of rag-tag misfits are setting off towards the Gruhzkär Mountains and the dead cities of the Dholvian Dwarves. Cities that are in no way anything like Moria. Maybe. Probably. Okay so it could conceivably end up being a bit Moria-esque. But that decision and power is out of my hands. That power lies in the hand of Nel Taylor. She is a figure shrouded in mystery. An unknown quantity. She is the first (of perhaps many) guest authors to be unleashed on our unsuspecting world and our equally unsuspecting heroes. If you seek to pierce this cloak of secrecy and shroud of textual darkness then check back on Monday 12th of August for the next exciting instalment of The Life and Times of The Working Barbarian. An instalment which will take us to cold and rocky spires, peaks and ravines of the Gruhzkär Mountains…

Gruhzkär Mountains

I just feel sorry for the poor sods who’re going to bump into the Krakens (Kraki?) and angry pirates or nest of giant spiders and the surly elves that were inevitably going to crop up on the other two paths.


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