The Working Barbarian

A Tale of Blood, Fire and Steel

Think of the Children

Often the biggest decision you’ll ever have to make will at first seem utterly mundane. It’s only days, maybe even years later that the ripples you set in motion finally meet and swell into a towering wave the carries you aloft or drowns everything you hold dear. it can be able simple matter of which path you take when you come upon a fork in the road. Do you go left? Or do you do right? Do you take the safe road? Or the one less travelled?10 - Passing the MountainUsually such decisions are made by people, not by stoats. Because they’re… well, they’re stoats. But I suppose it was bound the happen eventually. Just by the law of averages one day a humble stoat would have to make a “big decision.” And that’s what Marek did. He made a choice. Choosing to fly in the face of convention and ignore the age-old saying “always go left in a dungeon.” He went right. Right!? That stoat sure has got some moxie.

But how will this all pan out I hear you cry? Honestly I have no idea. Such knowledge is beyond even my power; that gift is not mine to give. For that you’d have to ask Sam. Freshly returned from the dark and nasty regions where nobody [sane] goes and still reelling from his battles against nether horrors the likes of which the mortal mind can scarcely comprehend. Sam will regale us with a tale of high adventure and daring-do, of sacrifice and wonder, of heroic deeds and stoats. There’ll definitely be some stoats.

Sam’s skilfully wrought onslaught of words will assail your senses on Monday 26th of August. Until then, be on your guard.



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