The Working Barbarian

A Tale of Blood, Fire and Steel

The Bearded Truth

Monday… The first of days is upon us. Curse its name and a pox upon its house! But it does mean that the ravens arrive from atop Vote Mountain bearing their grim (or not so grim) tidings. We asked you, the readers, whether you wanted things to be explained by a bearded midget who lives in a cave or by a slightly scatter-brained woman perhaps best known for (allegedly) eating children. Our readers have opted to have things explained by the dwarvern wizard who very nearly killed Jala and Freya, albeit unintentionally. So fresh off the hook from at worst manslaughter and at best arcane negligence we’ll sit down and see what Avatkch has to say.

11 - Ensorcelled

So from where shall the next gripping instalment of our saga come? Once again I am putting the fate of our heroes in the hands of a guest author. Does this author have a name? They do. Some call him… Mick. Little is known about this “Mick” he doesn’t even have a twitter account. But be not afraid, he’s probably not some sort of aberrant eldritch monster from the Beyond Realms or Nightmare Worlds. He hasn’t told me otherwise anyway. It’s very much a “don’t ask, don’t tell scenario” at Working Barbarian Towers when it comes to tentacled abominations and arcane horrors.

Part 12 will slither its way out of Mick’s secret and secluded crystal cave on the 9th of September. Be ready and keep your elder signs close to hand…


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