The Working Barbarian

A Tale of Blood, Fire and Steel

A Price Paid In Blood

It seems our heroes have gotten themselves into quite the pickle. It had for the briefest of moments looked that it might be plain sailing. Avatkch had freed them from the guardian spell of Kharäzdhuin and they were on their way out of the belly of the mountain to continue onwards towards the spires of Stellastelathororn. But nothing ever goes according to plan. Trouble hounds the heroic, it hunts them out and tries its very best to wreak merry-hell with their lives. This is just one of a myriad of tests that life throws at the great and the good. If they survive the experience they leave it stronger, wiser, better prepared for whatever comes next. That or they fail and wind up dead.12 - Words and Worms

The Miner Worms have breached the defences and protective wards of the last great dwarvern city. Walls crumble, tunnels collapse and the ancient splendour begins finally to slip into ruin. The only hope that remains to our heroes is the magic of Krung Nak To, The Star Witch. But her usual arcane powers have failed her. She needs something greater, something stronger, something all together older and more ancient. A crude yet awesome hammer of a thing. It requires bone magic, the lost arts of the frost giants of yore. But the magic of the Old Times always asks for a sacrifice in exchange for its power, a price must be paid for that is the Old Way. And it is Jala who must pay it…

The fate of Jala lies in the hands of the Warlord Andrew of Blair and he is not known for his mercy. Tales of his cruelty and depravity are whispered in hushed tones by fearful serfs and told at bedtime to frighten unruly children. So I’m sure everything will end up being all rainbows, unicorns and lollipop forests. All of them covered in a secret recipe of blood, viscera and severed limbs. I’m sure it’ll be very Avant-garde.

Check back on Monday 23rd of September to see how the next instalment of our sage unfolds.


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