The Working Barbarian

A Tale of Blood, Fire and Steel

Betrayal Cuts Deep

Even the very best of us are capable of truly terrible things. But often terrible things are exactly what are required for the greater good to flourish and it is only the best of us who have the strength to make those decisions. There is the frequently mooted hypothetical: would you take a single life if it would save a hundred thousand more? In the safe and quiet confines of our homes our morals incline us to say we would never do such a thing. That we would never take a life, regardless of the potential fallout. But if the decision is staring you down and weighing on your very soul, would you be so willing and eager to stain your hands with the blood of thousands for the selfish protection of your own morals? Sometimes the conundrum is not so ethically challenging. Sometimes its a simple choice of “You, or me.” When the chips are down and your staring death in the face, when our very existence is threatened, that is when we can all become monsters. Regardless of our intentions or our reasons, our actions ripple outwards into the wide-world and someone always gets hurt. Betrayal is such an easy thing to fall into.

13 - This Isn't Going To End WellFreya lies dead, stabbed through the heart by Jala, her saviour, her friend, her hero. Blood has been spilled and a sacrifice made, the price of the Star Witches bone magic has been paid and poor Marek mourns for his mistress. He seeks now to follow Jala and her band. Whether to exact revenge, to see them pay for what they did, or simply to get an answer as to why?

To find out you will have to return here on Monday 7th of October when Ali will return to our pages to weave the threads of fate and destiny into a tapestry of words. You may not like these words, but surely things can’t get any worse, can they…


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