The Working Barbarian

A Tale of Blood, Fire and Steel

The Better Part of Valour

A great deal of human experience can be boiled down to a simple, primal response: Fight or flight. It is hard-coded into our very biology. That moment when our very nerves begin to feel like they’re made from raw lightning. The adrenal surge that makes our heart thunder and muscles tremble with purpose. How we act upon this urge is one of the things which define who we are as a person. All too often we simply react, unthinking and heedless of the consequences or final outcome; the lashing out, the panicked retreat. It takes a rare mind to consider the options and rationalise the best course of action in the sliver thin window between event and response. Jala is one such person, a barbarian of the far and distant north who does not master this skill does not tend to live very long. The north is filled with short lives and messy deaths.

15 - Unsure and Obscure

After weighing the options available and their likely outcomes Jala has decided that discretion is the better part of valour, now is not the time nor place for a bout of mindless violence. No mater how tempting and cathartic it might be. She will follow that scion of the Sablemagus Guild, that is after all why she came to this forsaken “city.”

The fate of Jala and the mage whom she peruses will be told by the one known only as “Mick.” From the Stygian depths of his personal nightmare realm he will slither forth and unleash his corrupt and defiled word-things upon an unsuspecting world. By which I mean he’ll write part 16, probably on a computer, then email it to me. It’s easier that way.

Part 16 will be loosed upon our world on Monday 4th of November.


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