The Working Barbarian

A Tale of Blood, Fire and Steel

Give and Take

There is an inherent problem with power and strength, and specifically those who wield it. Inevitably there is always someone weaker, someone who can quite literally do nothing to stop those stronger than themselves. The strong take what they want, the weak languish. A perversity of might makes right, vae victis and its merciless friends. And why not? It’s a dog eat dog world out there. Everyone else is certainly against you, especially if you have something which could be perceived as an “edge”. A towering intellect, power over the forces of nature, a strong right arm? You need to seize every opportunity your strength affords you and to hell with anyone who gets in your way.16 - Obey Your Meister

In this particular instance we are saved from most of the complex ethical minefield that the aforementioned concept usually finds itself associated with it. This shady and slightly weaselish man almost certainly deserves exactly what he’s going to get. Jala daughter of Quyren is no gutter harlot or back-alley strumpet, her flesh to be bought and traded. No, she is a warrior of the far and distant north and up with this she will not put.

The specific unpleasantries visited upon his fragile, fleshy person will be dreamed up by the cruel and twisted mind of Andrew Blair: warlord; soldier of fortune; agitator; man with a beard. A dark and  twisted mockery of humanity whose idea of a jolly good knees up traditionally involves a dozen disembowelments, a full gross of dismemberments and a couple of murders for afters. No defenestrations though. He’s classy like that.

Part 17 will come hurtling out of the sky like a celestial thunderbolt on Monday 18th of November.


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