The Working Barbarian

A Tale of Blood, Fire and Steel

The Team

Magus John the Steele

A child of the far and distant wastelands beyond the wall, (Hadrian’s that is) John spent 4 years in the dark forbidding forests of central England learning the secret and arcane arts of alchemy. If asked “what is best in life?” he will give you the answer: “tea, cheese and lie-ins.” Occasionally John masquerades as a writer on the internet so as to further his research into the mysterious ways of Verbumancy. John has the dubious distinction of coming up with the idea for this project. So ultimately this is all his fault. You can find out more about his work on his website or find him on Twitter.

Eoin of Clan Hurl

An artist and a bearded giant of a man, torn between his twin desires to paint a beautiful sunset and CRUSH YOUR PUNY SKULL!. Check out his website or find him on Twitter

Warlock James of Clayton

Hailing from the North (well, North-ish), James classes himself as a writer, culture vulture warrior and aspiring polymath. He is officially a Master of the Arts in Constructions of the Sacred, the Holy and the Supernatural because a University gave him a piece of parchment that says so. His mind is, thus, attuned to weird mythology and he considers fantasy and artistic violence to be the best things in life. As well as battling the curses cast upon his soul and the bleakness of this dimension, he writes a weekly film column for the Den of Geek website and eagerly spawns his own creative bits ‘n’ pieces of various flavours. You can find more about him and his endeavours on his website or talk to him on Twitter.

Warlord Andrew of Blair

Hailing from deepest, darkest corners of the Scottish lowlands, Andrew can mainly be found in the chasm of the internet between enlightening and trolling. For more information see his website or find him on Twitter

Ali George, Scourge of Words

Ali is a freelance writer and blogger based in Auld Reekie, which is the olden days name for Edinburgh, Scotchland. She is known in some corners of the internet for writing 12 Books in 12 Months, and in others for her journalism which has appeared in such far-flung places as The Guardian, IdeasTap and Mslexia. She likes peanut butter, but feels ambivalent towards both piña coladas and walks in the rain. For more self promotion from the token woman of this project, visit Ali’s website, or talk to her on Twitter.

Sam El Kurd, Adventurer

A roguish gentleman whose name is uttered in hushed whispers, usually met with the reply “Who?”. He has charmed the stars down from the sky and, when faced with a stern telling off, put them back again with a minimum of grumbling. Some say he is a cunning wordsmith, which is very nice of them. He likes cheese. You can find him on twitter.

More bios will appear as and when the rest of our rag-tag band of misfits show their faces.

Guest Scribes and Visiting Skalds

The Nel, Mind Shaman

Nel spells her name with one L rather than the two most other people seem to like. She likes to spend her free time dressing in odd clothing and running around in a field with a foam sword and shouting magic spells with lots of other people (she also spends a lot of time on the floor pretending to be dead). If she had to pick one fantasy world to go live in, it would probably be Middle Earth. However, until such times as her prowess as a ritual mage is called upon (and Gods help us if that ever happens), she is studying to be the Master of Neuroscience. Not cool enough for her own website, she can at least be found on Twitter @RetroBagel.

The Mick, Creature of Nightmares

Master wordsmith, arcane alchemist, physician to philosophy and photonic magus, the misanthropic git that is The Mick spends most of his time locked in a deep, dark, dungeonous cellar of the University of the Place of War, harnessing the awesome powers of the sun for his own, nefarious means. Here he hermits himself day after day, cut off from the outside world, which is probably for the best. His literary tastes, whether a rampant devourer, or self confessed attempted novelist, tend to the dark and disturbed – an expected side effect of the lack of any natural light in his life. You can follow his website for his attempts at coherence, or his deviantart for his poorer attempts at the poncey stuff. You cannot, as of yet, follow him on twitter.


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